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 We import and commercialize exclusively the  product from Château Haut-Blanville Winery. 

 Our business is build on two axes : Distribution  and Brand Ambassadeur. ​    
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By seeing a potential of Blanville in the domain of wine production, Vinissimo has selected this firm to be an exclusive partner for all distribution and development in South-Est Asia. Vinissimo is a guaranty of a quality brand and give a direct access to the final client without passing by any intermediate 

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We import and commercialize exclusively the product from Blanville Winery.
Our business is build on two axes: Distribution and Brand Ambassador. 

Exceptional parcel wines from vine to bottle

Blanville is a family-owned wine estate in Languedoc, France, crafting great terroir wines out of 5 AOP domains located in the Grés de Montpellier appellation (35 hectares), and one domaine in the Pays d’Oc appellation (30 hectares).

From 1998 to 2015: from parcels of vines to parcel wines

Blanville was built from scratch, parcel by parcel, by Béatrice and Bernard Nivollet around 20 years ago. During this time several wine models were developing in parallel in the Languedoc region, including but not exclusively the AOC Coteaux du Languedoc and the Vins de Pays d’OC (varietal wines) appellations.

The creation of Blanville was based on the example of the wine model developed
over centuries in Burgundy. Realising that Languedoc is gifted with an extraordinary wealth and diversity of terroirs, Bernard decided in the early nineties that this should make it possible to craft great artisan wines based on the identification of local climats and the creation of parcel wines ‘from vine to bottle’.

​The creation, around ten years ago, of the ‘level two’ appellation (specifically that of Grés de Montpellier) started the move to the official realisation of this vision.  More info...

Today, Château Haut-Blanville is composed of five wineyards, each one correspond with a exceptional terroir,
being divided into homogeneous plots single- grape varieties.

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Vinissimo base its business on:

  • Quality Product
  • Friendship
  • Sustainable Market Development
  • Environmental  and Social Respect

Each process of our activities is set up by respecting a standard of quality. We analyze all the factors before make a decision this because We really believe that only quality product that could lead to integrate in a long-term market.
We build our brand on a friendship and aim to provide another dimension of  relationship. High class and prestige wines will change the image of each celebration.

Our company looks strictly into social and environmental impact of our activities. We reach a sustainable development is only if people live equally in a proper environment. 
Sarapich PIN
CEO | Vinissimo co., Ltd.