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Mittapheap, 7 Makara,
PO. 12000, Phnom Penh.

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 We import and commercialize exclusively the  product from Château Haut-Blanville Winery. 

 Our business is build on two axes : Distribution  and Brand Ambassadeur. ​    

About Us

Who we are...
​​Vinissimo is managed and run by three passionate friend who them self has an experience of running a multinational company or institution. We believe in the way of building a new life style around friendship,  joyce and happiness.
Vinissimo Engages on a standard of  Quality to make sure that each service we provide is the most effective and reach a professional spirit.

  • An Bunna, Act as Chairman of Board of Director, Engineer in ITc and Master in Law.  For more than 15 years, Bunna has run a lot of Company in many field. His actual position is CEO of Phnom Penh Labor Supply Co., Ltd.
  • La Vibol, Play a role in Business development, Master in Economic From University of Lyon 2 France. a very large experience in managing PSE institute who own 3 schools including Hospitality and Tourism School.
  • Sarapich PIN, CEO,  Agronomy and ITc Engineer, Master in Education from University of Cean. He used to lead and manage a Multinational NGO call Pour un Sourire d’Enfant and play a big role in communication and interaction with public and private sector. 
“We believe in synergy of people. When we do thing with passion, nothing can stop us from growing”
Bunna An - Chairman

Vinissimo organizational chart


   Why choose us as a partner

Our Product

Our experience

Our vision

We are totally guaranty the quality of our product. We select it with care in combining of the originality and cultural experiences 
We are a multicultural company. The under- standing of new product and it integration in the market is our specialty.
Building a new life style, and friendship through an prestige product.

Direct importer

Our team

Our mission

We import only the product directly from our producer and We control every impor-ting process.  We work only with artisan winery.
All management level has a strong back ground in management and client relation-ship. We continue development through training and experiences real application.
Be one of the top Brand in Southeast Asia.

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